KukaPay Document

Get Invoice

Retrieving information of an invoice by invoice id.



GET https://api.kukapay.com/v1/invoice/:id

Path Params:

field type description
id int invoice id at kukapay.com


Status Code

  • 200: success
  • 500: internal error

Response Body

field type description
id int generated invoice id
merchant string operation address of the merchant
orderId string order id assigned by merchant
orderDesc string order description
orderAmount double total amount to pay of the order, in orderCurrency
orderCurrency string orderAmount is in this currency
TokenId int payment token id
tokenAmount string payment amount in TokenId
recipientAddress string payment recipient address
recipientKey string payment recipient key for later sweep operation
paidAmount double received amount in selected token
paymentUrl string payment url on kukapay.com
state int invoice state
createAt int time when invoice created
expireAt int time when invoice payment will expire



curl https://api.kukapay.com/api/invoice/1728


  "id": 1728,
  "merchant": "0xFDeda15e2922C5ed41fc1fdF36DA2FB2623666b3",
  "orderId": "a1b33ee88e6d",
  "orderDesc": "iPhone 12 plus 256G",
  "orderAmount": 7123.45,
  "orderCurrency": "CNY",
  "tokenAmount": 1207.63,
  "tokenSymbol": "USDT",
  "paidAmount": 1207.63,
  "recipientAddress": "0x7A579F158E430c0B52C30F62C7eb60B079Ec331C",
  "recipientKey": "6e8b8afd3f6a287e",
  "paymentUrl": "https://www.kukapay.com/invoice/1728",
  "state": 4